I teach courses in politics, gender, and African studies. Across these fields, the central tenet of my teaching is to help students think more critically, compassionately, and systematically about the world. I strive to find narrative and pedagogical approaches that make seemingly foreign or exceptional realities accessible and intelligible. We work together on research, theoretical debates, and creative presentation, multimedia, and writing assignments that develop students’ applied skills as well as content mastery.

University of Edinburgh

Building Blocks of African Studies (Original grad core course; Download syllabus)

Africa and International Politics (Redesigned grad course *note this course is not running in 2016/17)

Guest lectures: International Security Studies, Transitional Justice in Context, International Development, Theory and Practice in Political Science

University of Oxford

Violence and Historical Memory (Redesigned grad course)

Politics of sub-Saharan Africa (Redesigned undergrad course; Download syllabus)

Academic writing and research

Courses under development

Gender, Conflict, and Violence (Original undergrad course; Download draft syllabus)

Conflict and Peace in Africa (Original grad course)

Student Feedback


Dr Marks is a fantastic lecturer! She gave us so many opportunities to expand our knowledge and learn from amazing people. Her enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. She genuinely cared for everyone in our class and wanted us to do well.

Zoe was superb, inspiring, kind, approachable, and always had time to give advice.

Zoe has a perfect demeanor for a professor, she’s approachable and open, but it’s also clear she’s an expert in her field and she leads the class well. I’d 100% take another class with her.

Zoe did a phenomenal job and is, without doubt, one of the most articulate and inspiring teachers I have had. Her intellect helped me question many of my underlying assumptions and I appreciated her course enormously.

Excellent, enthusiastic and encouraged us to do the hard work understanding the injustices in the world, standing up against what is wrong and giving a damn (non-academic language alert…)

Dr Marks is such an inspirational lecturer. She is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and accessible. She was always well-prepared and enthusiastic and passionate about her field. It was a privilege to be taught by her. She has inspired me to try and reach great heights, and continue making a humble contribution in Africa.

Please, for the love of all good, passionate, and compassionate things, keep doing what you’re doing now.



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