Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Marks, Z. (forthcoming) ‘Gender Dynamics in Rebel Groups’, in Claire Duncanson and Rachel Woodward (eds), Handbook of Gender and the Military. Palgrave. (PDF)

Marks, Z. (2014) ‘Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone’s Civil War: “Virgination”, rape, and marriage’, African Affairs, 113(450): 67-87. (linkPDF)

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Book Reviews

Marks, Z. (2015) Book Review: ‘Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War? by M. Eriksson Baaz and M. Stern; and Female Soldiers in Sierra Leone, by M.H. Mackenzie’, African Affairs, 114(456): 472-474. (linkPDF)

Marks, Z. (2012) Book Review: ‘The War Machines: Young men and violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia, by D. Hoffman’, Journal of Modern African Studies, 50(4): 730-732. (linkPDF)

Commentary and Analysis

Marks, Z. (2015) ‘UK Development NGOs and Challenges of the next 10 years’, Global Development Professionals Expert Panel, The Guardian. (Live Q&A; summary)

Marks, Z. (2014) ‘Responding to the moral crisis in Chibok and expecting the unexpected’, Democracy in Africa, May 7. (link)

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Marks, Z. (2009) ‘Diagnosing Dongo: Dambisa Moyo’s “Dead Aid”’, The Oxonian Review, 8(8). (link)

Work in progress

Anatomy of An African Rebellion: Laws and Logistics in Sierra Leone’s Civil War (book manuscript)

‘Diamonds in the RUF: Micro-dynamics of wartime resource extraction in Sierra Leone’

‘Control, or Cohesion? Inside the RUF and rebel laws of war’

‘Rebel Armies, Army Rebels, and Behavioral Symmetry in Weak State Wars’

‘Weapon, Policy, or Practice? Differentiating causes of wartime sexual violence’

‘Bureaucracy of Atrocity in Sierra Leone: The untold story of rebels with rubber stamps’

‘The Militarized Domestic Sphere in Rebel Groups’

‘African Fighters, American Wars: Ex-combatant labor in the global military market’